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Now admission in B.SC.Nursing/PBNS
Currently Admission in BSC Nursing
This is KMTRC Bsc Nurshing College
Admission Open 2076
KMTRC,B.SC.Nursing/PBNS College


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          Krishna Medical & Technical Research Centre (KMTRC) is academic Institution affiliated to Purbanchal University established on 2012 with the aim of producing higher-level human resources on various disciplines of health sciences. It is located in north east side attached with main road at Ramanand chowk in Janakpur. This institution has its own buildings with modern facilities class rooms, library, laboratories and hostel. It has well-equipped laboratory facilities for demonstration and practical classes on basic sciences including clinical practices, i.e. Biochemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology, Hematology. In addition, bi-lateral agreements have also been made between the institution and the reputed hospitals established in private sector for clinical practices to the students. They are
(i) Zonal Hospital, Janakpur
(ii) Eye hospital, Janakpur
(iii) Mental Hospital, Patan
(iv) Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Kathmandu etc.
Currently, we are providing the following bachelor degrees:
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nsg.)
• Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN)
• Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) (proposed)
• Bachelor of pharmacy (B Pharma) (proposed)
As the world moves with its new challenges and unique demands, the rapid pace of globalization increase the demand of its dedicated nurses, public health professionals, and other health care experts, who possesses the required skill set and commitment, using international standards. Our institution provides a learning environment in which students learn both theoretically and practically. Through our extracurricular and curricular activities, we instill personal qualities, i.e. self reliance, self confidence, discipline, and leadership qualities, in our students and prepare them for forthcoming challenges.
The vision of KMTRC is to develop “Global Leadership in Human Development and Excellence in Education".
The mission of this KMTRC is to create and maintain a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, the acquisition of knowledge, and the development of ongoing professional skills which are necessary for our graduates to become superior health professionals. The KMTRC will provide learners with tools for success through:
• Student-centered Professional Education
• Recognition and Respect for Diversity of Thought
• Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Professionals in the Global Community
• Emphasis on Scholarly Teaching, Practice, Scientific Inquiry and Service
• Ethical Professional Practice and an appreciation for continuous Life-long Learning
The ultimate goal of this academic institution is to produce the graduates who are qualified and well prepared to work efficiently in the assigned area and cope with the challenging environment in the growing world.
It is an exciting time for the health professions as we study and practice in an ever changing, growing healthcare environment. The college of Health science is committed to ensuring that our graduates are well prepared to successfully work and lead in this growing and challenging environment. The objectives of KMTRC are:
• To provide quality education in an academic environment by providing excellent faculty and state of the art instruments equipment
• To make students excellent in their field of study
• To prepare students to face new challenges of the century
• To create an environment that enhances each student's potential and encourages ethical behaviors
• To make them use their knowledge in real life situations
• To live, lead and serve the country
• To promote capabilities of the students in non-curricular fields too, so that there is a balanced all round development of their personalities
• To have strong interactions with hospitals and other health care teams and regulatory authorities
• To make students responsible citizen
KMTRC offers all the amenities that the students would expect for a full fledged college, with global prespective. Some of the exclusive features are:
• Own building at the heart of the city (Ramanand chowk, Janakpur).
• Conducive setting and environment
• Innovative curriculum
• Adequate highly dedicated teacher.
• Unique and innovative teaching methodology.
• Spacious and well furnished modern classroom.
• Well stocked library, full equipped laboratories and workshops.
• Adequate practical session for skill development.
• Different indoor/outdoor recreational activities.
• Regular field trips, out posting and study tour.
• Adequate number of high performance computer with internet facilities.